Monday, March 28, 2011

Biggest Sand Storm in Decades??

Our second weekend in Kuwait was interesting. On Friday the girls and I went to one of Kuwait's biggest malls called "Avenues" and we spent most of the day shopping. That's one thing that Kuwait is popular for is the shopping :D

It turned out to be a great afternoon with lots of good finds, as well as a tasty lunch. It turns out we left the mall that day just in time to arrive safely back at our apartment during one of the biggest sand storms Kuwaiti's have ever seen. It came on fast. In a matter of minutes, the skyline went from being beaaautiful and sunny, to brown and then BLACK. The powerful winds brought in a large amount of sand that got absolutely everywhere! My room mate and I fortunately noticed the sky changing colors and shortly after closed all the vents and windows. Somehow, sand dust still manage to creep it's way into out apartment leaving a layer of dust on everything.

The city was shut down for the night - something that you never see here, as the city seems to be fully "awake" around 10pm every night. Kuwaiti's everywhere spent the rest of the weekend de-dusting their homes (some worse then others).

Here is a youtube clip of the sand storm:


  1. Wow - that is crazy! I think I would rather have snow! Does it get into houses, etc?

    BTW - way to keep blogging, Dory! I look forward to more!

  2. Guess you answered that question I asked! :-)