Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tech Task 12 - Physical Education Resources

I chose to blog about some online Physical Education resources as part of my "Tech Tasks" requirements for my Internet for Educators class.

One of the more popular sites that I have come across is PHE Canada. Physical and health education Canada is a great online tool to keep up to date with programs, resources, events, awards (and more) that exists in the Physical Education world.

PHE Canada is the professional organization for physical and health educators since the Canadian Physical Education Association in 1933.

Also.. PE Central

This website is a great resource for any Physical Education teacher. It has a vast array of lesson ideas, activities, store, bulletin board ideas, career resources, adapted physical education, classroom management techniques and more.

I would definitely use this website to supplement any of my PE classes. This is sometimes my go-to site for activating strategies and warm-up. This site offers fun kids fitness programs and challenges for students. With over 1800 lesson ideas, this is most definitely one of the leading sites in Physical Education.

These sites will aid any teacher whether they are PE specialists or a teacher with little PE experience.

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