Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tech Task 9: Web-based Classes

WBC with Manitoba Education

I explored the Manitoba Curriculum website a bit and added a few webCT courses. I added Science10F, Science20F, Biology30S, and Biology40S. After reviewing these courses I have come to the conclusion that they would be a great resource for both students and teachers. WebCT proves to be a very useful tool for students that are unable to take particular courses in some rural areas in Manitoba.

I believe that webCT is also a very valuable resource for teachers. Under "student view", each one of the courses I added is broken down into "Course Modules". For example, Biology 40S has 15 modules: Introduction to Genetics, Human Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Basis for Inheritance, Biodiversity, Accounting for Diversity, Evolution: Theory and Processes, Viruses, Monerans, Protists, and Fungi, The Plant Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, Ecology and the Ecosystem, Community Interactions, Population Ecology, Human Impact and Field Research.
Each of these modules is further broken down into individual lessons. For example: Human Genetics is further broken down into topics such as Pedigree and Karyotyping. See below.

Each lesson usually includes a list of outcomes as well as end of lesson assignment or questions.

My feelings on these particular courses..they contain accurate information and knowledge for teachers and students, but the "learning" is very dry. What can we do to improve webCT? I feel as though these online courses could be infused with multimedia or supplementary online resources in order to bring some excitement to the situation. As educators we should strive to make every class fun and exciting and with all of the resources and technological advances, webCT developers should achieve this with little or no difficulty.

I am excited to experience what's to come in future webCT developments.


  1. I totally agree with you, there is a certain "dryness" that comes with these modules. That's probably why I use them more as a reference for myself beyond anything else. That leaves me free to pretty them up. The only cautionary note I would give is that I did find the odd error with some of the assignments in the chemistry classes. Keep your eyes open : )

  2. Dory, this is probably the last time I'll electronically talk to you. Ever. ;)

    I'm glad to see that the WBCs make you as happy as they make me. For first year teachers, these are an absolutely INVALUABLE resource! For other teachers, they are still great for those developing a course for the first time! It gives one an excellent starting point!

    Rock on, Stay Fit, and Have Fun in your last placement!